iPhone and iPhone 3G comparison

Written on October 12, 2008 – 7:33 pm | by ash.matadeen |

I recently retired my first generation 8GB iPhone and upgraded to the 16GB 3G iPhone. Read on for my 8 comparison points.

1. The Grip

2. The Headphones Port

3. The Buttons

4. The Dock

5. The Screen

6. The Built-in Speaker

7. 3G speeds

8. GPS

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Apple Store iPhone 3G displays

Written on July 9, 2008 – 10:33 pm | by ash.matadeen |
iPhone 3G Display at the Apple Store, BirminghamiPhone 3G Display at the Apple Store, Birmingham

Giant iPhone 3G display, spotted at the Apple Store, Birmingham, UK. Click for full sized versions on flickr.

Who is John Appleseed?

Written on June 23, 2008 – 11:10 pm | by ash.matadeen |

Ever since the iPhone was announced, Apple has used the name John Appleseed many times in its demos and ads. But just who is this John Appleseed guy?

Well, according to his Wikipedia entry,

John Appleseed, born John Chapman (September 26, 1774–February 18, 1845), was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced the apple to large parts of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. He became an American legend while still alive, largely because of his kind and generous ways, his great leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance of apples.

He was so popular that a festival is held in his name every September in Johnny Appleseed Park, Ohio.

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How to display font previews in Pages.app

Written on May 26, 2008 – 2:26 pm | by ash.matadeen |

Ms Word Font Drop DownAnyone used to Microsoft Word is also used to having a preview of the different fonts by simply using the drop down from the formatting toolbar (as shown on the left here). But what about Pages.app?

At first glance, it may seem like this functionality is missing in Pages.app but to get font previews, simply click on the cogwheel (settings) icon in the Fonts window and click on Show Preview. The top of the window then expands to show a preview of the font selected as shown below.

Show Preview Setting

Displaying Font Previews in Pages.app

Tip: To bring up the Fonts window press Command + T or click on the Format menu then Fonts and then Show Fonts.

How to get SMS delivery reports on iPhone

Written on May 25, 2008 – 5:57 pm | by ash.matadeen |

SMS Delivery Report on iPhoneAn SMS delivery report is a confirmation that a text message you sent to someone has been delivered (or not, as the case may be) to that person’s phone. Most phones have a setting that allows you to automatically request an SMS delivery report for all text messages sent. The iPhone however has no such option in the settings. But you can still request a delivery report by simply adding a short code at the start of your text message. On O2 in the UK, this short code is *0#.

So, your message would look like this:

*0# I’m on my way, see you in 10 mins.

Don’t worry, the recipient will not see this *0# code at the start of the message as it is automatically deleted by the network before delivery. But as soon as the message is delivered to the recipient you will get a text message back (for free) confirming the delivery status of the SMS.

If you are on a different network, the short code may be different.

I personally only use this short code for mission critical text messages but hopefully the new iPhone 2.0 firmware will bring ‘SMS delivery request’ as a built-in option within the settings.

[Via iPhones Talk]

Mac OS X Leopard Launch in Birmingham, UK

Written on October 27, 2007 – 12:09 am | by ash.matadeen |

A better quality version of the video is available from my .mac web gallery.

A little video for everyone

Written on October 5, 2007 – 2:31 pm | by ash.matadeen |
iPod Nano Display

Captivating display promoting the all new iPod nano. Spotted at The Apple Store on Regent’s Street, London.

31 days to go

Written on September 18, 2007 – 10:03 pm | by ash.matadeen |

It’s D-31 for those of us based in the UK. It might seem like an eternity but let’s spare a thought for the folks over in Canada (and the other 192 countries):

We know just how it feels!

iPhone’s free Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy

Written on September 18, 2007 – 9:38 pm | by ash.matadeen |

Apple makes it clear in their press release that use of the 7,500 Wi-Fi hotspots (provided by The Cloud) on the iPhone in the UK is subject to a fair use policy.

Most of us naturally assume that this imposes a limit on the number of GB one can use. However, looking at the Terms and Conditions for the service provided by The Cloud, the fair use policy does not necessarily impost a bandwidth limit! It mainly draws attention to unlawful/unethical activity and breaches of copyright.

From their knowledge base, however, they clearly indicate that they have set some common sense bandwidth usage guidelines but no actual transfer limit is specified. We’ll have to wait and see how this limit plays out and whether it is reasonable.

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Free Wi-Fi on iPhone in the UK

Written on September 18, 2007 – 9:07 pm | by ash.matadeen |

iphone.pngOk, Apple is charging the folks in the US about $140 (£70) less for the iPhone but believe it or not, we are getting some extra value for this money here in the UK. What you ask? Free Wi-Fi access at over 7000 hotspots in the UK. Apple has teamed up with The Cloud to provide iPhone users with free unlimited access (subject to fair use).

This service on its own is worth £125 in value over the 18 month contract period (at £6.99 a month). So maybe we shouldn’t be so harsh on Apple for charging more for the iPhone in the UK.

Will I have free Wi-Fi access in my area?
You can look up the location Wi-Fi hotspots in your area here. Here’s the coverage in the centre of Birmingham:


The access points are located within pubs, hotels, restaurants and even public phone booths. I can hardly wait to be enjoying the free Wi-Fi on my iPhone while out on the town!

For the times when you are out of the range of a free Wi-Fi hotspot, you can always use the slower internet access via EDGE which is also free on iPhone (if you are amongst the 30% that’s covered).

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